Jimmy Carter, His Legacy and a Rabbit – NYTimes.com


I’m sharing this for a few reasons, none of them having anything to do with Jimmy Carter in particular.

First, to recognize that we all build narratives about everything and everyone around us to make our world easier to understand. In so doing, we can have very simplistic views of people, events, and so on. It’s human nature, so the only thing to do us to be aware of this tendency and try to not always interpret everything to fit our nice, neat little narratives.

Second, to suggest that we owe some kindness, even to politicians and others in the public eye.

Finally, to remember that no story is ever black or white, and no person is ever perfectly good or perfectly bad. After reading this article, I’m sure I could find a dozen others discussing Carter’s alleged antisemitism in great detail. If he is antisemitic, that doesn’t mean any of the good stuff about him isn’t true. He isn’t an angel or a demon. He’s a person.


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