#Christie2016: Campaign Announcement Hashtag Attracts Nothing But Fat Jokes on Twitter


I know that fat jokes are one of those things that are still considered acceptable by most people. You know, not usually to fat people’s faces, but behind their backs or just as general commentary. It seems that it’s okay to be disgusted by or hateful of heavier people because they are, as most people assume and to the contrary of a lot of research, fat through their own choices. Many people assume that fat people could so easily just change their lifestyles, lose weight in a healthy manner, and keep it off indefinitely with just a little effort. However, that’s a story for another day.

This blog post is more about politics and ad hominem attacks. Politics is a nasty business, and people who go into it know what they’re getting into. Still, I think we should always be held to the same standard. Would you call someone on the street fat, or make other cruel, unsolicited remarks about their weight? Would you want someone to do that to you, your sister, your husband? Why should the rules be different for a politician, even if you don’t agree with their politics or what they stand for? Isn’t it more powerful to talk about the things they did that you don’t agree with, and talk about why you disagree?

I know the internet tends to bring out this sort of nastiness, but I still refuse to accept it. Condoning it even on one (digital) platform means accepting it as OK everywhere else too.


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