Lebanon makes strides while the west shows its limitations

Interesting article about not only how Lebanon decriminalized homosexuality, but also showing how the west is in some ways more hung up about the gender issue that other parts of the world.

The transgender issue has been on my mind a lot lately after I had a brief conversation with a twenty-something acquaintance a few days ago. The supreme court ruling on gay marriage had just come down and everyone was talking about it. I forget how we went in this direction, but she said something about how she doesn’t like parents just letting their kids dress/act whatever gender they prefer. I said, “but gender is not really binary like we traditionally view it. If nothing else, science supports that. A significant portion of the population is born not physically, let alone mentally, conforming to any one gender or the gender they’re assigned.” She shrugged me off, and said, “I know, I know, but…” and something along the lines of just not liking it/approving of it.

Even though this person is more religious and conservative than me, I was still surprised to hear her say that. I guess it’s easier for me to understand the deep political/philosophical divides on abortion, gun rights, and government size. When it comes to trans stuff, it seems like such a no-brainer to me at this point. I forget that many of us are still wrapped up in the strict idea of boys, girls, and nothing in between.


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