Video shows Berkeley homeless man attacked by ‘hospitality ambassador’

Upon watching this video, it’s easy to see that the “hospitality ambassador” was in the wrong. That being said, if he had no formal training of how to handle a situation in which someone was becoming increasingly hostile, if not outright violent, I don’t completely condemn him. If you’re going to put someone in a situation in which they are expected to forcibly make people move from one place to another, you must anticipate that situations like this will arise? Did the employee get any training? He, too, is only human, and while what he did was wrong, it’s not hard to understand why he lashed out with someone aggressively getting in his face…although I admit that it does get harder to sympathize/empathize as he continues to be violent.

Another comment would be to the problem of how we, as a society, view homeless people, which surely majorly impacted this situation. Firstly, that our societal health and social policies directly result in homelessness, and also, that our assumptions and lack of compassion towards homeless people possibly contributed to the employee’s lashing out.


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